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Isaiah House Renovations Project

Project Details:

The work consisted of extensive rehabilitation of a 5-floor 50,000 square foot vacant brow stone building for a non-profit organization. The scope of work included the construction of offices space, meeting rooms, dorm rooms, day care, commercial kitchen, entertainment rooms, cafeteria and ceremony room The work consisted of complete demolition of all interior wood partitions and floors, asbestos and lead abatement, site electric, handicap access, site concrete, brick restoration, EPDM roofing, masonry elevator tower, steel stairs and hand rails, 5-stop elevator, epoxy injection to structural cracks, aluminum windows, interior partitions, quarry and ceramic tile, acoustical ceilings, architectural cabinetry, new interior finishes, complete systems upgrade for HVAC, plumbing, heating, electrical automated temperature controls fire alarm and data/telephone communication.

Completed on:

December 1, 1997


Isaiah House Renovations Project


Glenda Kirkland

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